LG 6KG Direct Drive Washing Machine

I bought this LG 6KG Direct Drive Washing Machine on snapdeal and it was delivered within a week. I am writing a review of this product for those who want to buy this. Here it goes.

Installation of the LG Washing Machine

To get installation and demo you have to call the LG customer care. As this product was bought online I paid Rs.500 for the service guy. This fee is only for online purchase. It is not worth what the service guy did. It is very easy to install the equipment and one can read the manual and install it. However if you are not confident and screws anything you will lose warranty.

If want to move the washing machine around your home, then buy a stand. Otherwise there is no need for the stand.

Good Things About the Washing Machine

  • Fully Automatic Washing Machine.
  • It has a digital control panel and has many options. You can turn the knob to choose cotton clothes, mix, quick 30, wool, baby clothes and many other options.
  • Less noise.
  • Less water consumption.
  • If turned off in middle of wash, resumes from were it left.

Bad Things About the Washing Machine

  • Bit wobbly when spins faster at the end to dry clothes. But that's ok as it's less shaky compared to other brands.
  • The Inlet and outlet pipes could have been bit longer.


When it comes to the the performance I have to say I am completely satisfied with the wash quality. The noise is very minimal (make sure it is correctly adjusted and also you place it on the level ground or else it'll make a lot of noise) which is pretty good and also there are lots of options for washing different kinds of clothes. But when it comes to the wash quality I don't think it's up to the mark. It doesn't clean heavy stains and also the shirt collars are not washed properly. Even other washing machines also can remove stains completely. Also it doesn't have the memory of the last wash cycle which means even if you were to repeat the same cycle as the last cycle you have to do the settings from the beginning which is a bit of a let down because the Samsung variant in this price range has this feature which is missing in this LG machine. Also the Samsung variant in this price range has another technology called bubble wash technology which supposedly cleans better than this one. So I would suggest you to take a look at that Samsung machine before buying this. But overall it is good. Worth the money.